15 January 2014

WALL-E or the pears

I've come to the realization that there are two kinds of people
Those that follow in the footsteps of that robot WALL-E,
who is happy recycling parts to make and have cool stuff,
or the future pear-shaped humans who are too busy buying generic junk,
wasting the majority of their lives in front of the boob tube and an unhappy job,
salting the earth.
1940 ford coupe chopped and channeled

If you're a parent then you remember that the movie was set way in the future,
and that is the point that I'm thinking about now.
It is a realization of which way my kids,
and your kids if you have any or are planning to,
will progress.
hood work

As parents we are the main role models.
Whether we like it or not,
the kids watch and learn,
and our lifestyle becomes their normal.
WALL-E & eva

So who is to say which is better.
For me I love to build, create and modify.
It is something I'll do whether or not I can afford it,
and it really is the best form of therapy,
as out of negative energy some of the best things are born.
34 watt bulb!

Sure I may be a little extreme in liking dirty old cars and bikes,
but everyone that I know and respect has some kind of hobby.
It could be anything - woodwork, electronics, fishing, sports, crocheting...
the main thing is not becoming stagnant and unproductive.
I am amazed at how creative our kids are.
They'd rather build, skate or read then watch TV.
Funny how this was brought on by a kids movie then huh!
Hey, we may not want cable,
but we're not cavemen over here!
1931 ford model a coupe

The Doctor is in...


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