20 January 2014

big pimpin

I've been a little light on the craigslist hunting lately.
There are only a couple things I'm looking for,
and well they are a little out of my price range if they're found.
1968 cadillac

That doesn't mean I don't do the occasional search,
as deals are always popping up.
The problem is if you search,
you will find,
and it's usually not the stuff that you're searching for.

First things first.
This time I was lucky enough to score a deal,
and in addition met a gearhead that makes us look entry level.
1964 ford thunderbird convertible

Ok I take that back.
This guy wasn't really a gearhead,
he just liked cars,
stylish shiny cars.
1964 ford thunderbird

I knew this after about a minute on the phone.
There was no faked info or pushed sale,
just the simple truth, "I don't know much about the parts..."
This is usually a sign that the parts will be in really good shape,
not all worn out like the stuff I get rid of!
ford FE 390 - 1964 t-bird

The kids and I walked into this guys hidden collection.
I've always appreciated mile-long sheetmetal,
especially when all the shiny work is done.
There was some crazy stuff coming out during the 60's.
automatic convertible top - 1964 ford t-bird

Barry even showed us the retractable top on his T-bird.
I've never seen one in action.
I guess this is one of 50 built back in 1964.

These were only 2 of 8 of his prized possessions!
Always good to know someone with a passion for these old rides.
edelbrock performer 289 + holley 4180

Careful not to wear out our welcome,
we dragged home our score of the day.
I've been looking for a cheap 4-barrel intake,
to replace the stock 60's 2-barrel in the green 40.
Now the money is where my mouth is!


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