19 September 2012

tortuga revisited

Can't believe a year and a half has gone by since we sold the old beemer.

perich brothers (and sister): beemer

For a year Aaron rocked the crazy unfinished panel paint,
but over the summer he finally personalized it as his own.
1968 bmw 1600

Here's a refresher of the tortuga v.2011
la tortuga 2011

Yeah some funky chit huh!
These things are a little like the early Ford Bronco's,
where guys will throw the fender flares on it.
bmw 2002 fender flare + rota grid wheels

Many of us would cringe at cutting almost perfect original sheetmetal,
but hey a car's a car,
and this BMW was barely $1K and perfect for making a happy owner,
while making restorers cringe!
Aaron Vandermark's - 1968 bmw 1600

Besides the 10 metallic black rattle cans,
the big expenditure was the bitchin 15" Rota Grid rims and 255 tires.
That gives purpose to the fender flares,
and makes it one tough turtle.

It is backed up by the PO's 70's 2002 engine upgrade,
and Aaron dyno'd it out to a stock 104 HP which isn't too bad.
He's looking for a tii turbo though!
1968 bmw 1600 - la tortuga 2012

I'll always think these bmw 1600/2002's look wrong without the dual light treatment,
and european cars don't always need Cibie lights!
1968 bmw 1600 - la tortuga 2011

Also gone are those aluminum bumpers,
replaced with a front fairing.
1968 bmw 1600

Other than the color change,
it was weird how unchanged the rest of the car was.
Even the interior hadn't changed a bit.
unfinished interior

The best part is this thing just runs and runs.
Maybe not one of my smartest flips but at least he's happy and that's all that matters.



  1. holy shit that thing looks sooo tuff now. i still miss the front bumper, but the rest of it makes me want to dirt road it into nowhere!

  2. Yea it needs "bääd muddä fukkhä" painted on the sides,
    in some crazy german font...
    Then he's got to wear your old helmet!