10 September 2012

how to the essential drillium

What better project to get the garage warmed up and covered with aluminum shavings.
I love this old pre-harbor freight mini drill press.

This old Campagnolo chain ring has been lying around for years,
and today was the perfect opportunity do some non-essential drillium.
marked and punched

The most important part is the layout.
holey chit

After the holes,
the next step is the chamfering or countersink bit.
It takes the sharp edge off,
and some think it will keep it from cracking under stress.
holey chit

This is what it would look like installed,
although this one is a different one.
campagnolo drillium

It makes the typical road bike look a little more race huh?
Not that you can see it 800 miles away.
schroder road bike 1973

There are some really cool intricate examples of drillium if you study it.

Velo-Retro: Peter Johnson

And I guess that is the difference if you do quick hour job,
or if your a racer/mechanic looking to shave every ounce and intimidate the competition.

Anyway it was fun and I was able to cross something off the bottom of my list!


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