07 September 2012

soulless wonder

It's amazing how fast time flies after a deadline.
Last week at this time it was a scramble to the finish.
Now the kids have completed the first week of school and the dust is finally settling.
shop - july 2012

So trippy how fast a shop can go from back to back fabrication projects,
to an empty soulless shell.
shop - august 2012

I think over the past 4 years we squeezed every bit of soul out of it!
shop - july 2012

I'll definitely miss being able to be crazy loud til the wee hours of morning,
however in the past year,
my desire to work in the "sweet spot" hours from 12-3+am had steadily decreased.
Kind of a compilation of the kids getting older and me realizing they realize I'm not around,
and maybe the lack of being able to be totally spent the next morning,
among the many reasons.
My time management skills will definitely need some honing now.
shop - august 2012

At the end of the last day the 40 project rolled out,
with steering and a nicely mounted 9".

After many months of partial views,
it was really cool to see it from multiple angles.
1940 ford coupe chopped channeled & sectioned

I was scrounging through some of the early build pictures,
and the amount of work to get to this point still boggles my mind.
1940 ford coupe chopped sectioned & channeled

There is still a ton more work to do.
Lots of mechanical stuff now.
perich brothers 1940 ford coupe

My biggest hurdle now is cleaning up the backyard!
I couldn't be as organized on the last days of moving,
so I've got my time cut out trying to get this chit right.
Now you know the reason for the swap meet tarp and shed!
At least the old 40 is home finally.
messy yard

Likewise the Hurtlocker Truck finally rolled out of the shop.
First time ever with the new suspension.
Hurtlocker Truck
1955 chevy with 1985 corvette

Ken had scored big time with some craigslist Foose rims.
Really made the old truck a peach.
Hurtlocker Truck
1955 chevrolet with 1985 corvette suspension

Rolling it around to the dirt lot helped settle the suspension a bit,
as it looks an inch or so lower than when it was inside.

At the end of the day we towed the truck to it's new and final home.
I'll give you a nickel if you can guess what it's sitting next to!

Better get back to cleaning!



  1. I didn't think what I'm seeing was possible. So empty. Reminds me of this picture... what was is again!


    Thanks for letting me be a part of it all, a lot of good times and good naps.
    Yah, I know I owe Dani.... that's a hard one to pay back, it'll be in perpetual motion. Yard reminds me of the old blue house. Time to get 220 out back!
    Happy birthday in two days old man!

  2. Thanks Dude-Brah!
    Was it real?
    Funny how we go in a big circle.
    At least we've got some cool toys and fading memories!