04 September 2012

dismantling the beast

I'm sure my 28 loyal readers have been wondering what's going on with my sparse posting the past weeks.
There was a hint if you looked at the background of some of the shop pictures.
don't tread on me!

Yep we're gettin' out of the old shop!
gems amid the junk

My grand plan was to bust the big junk move,
then have a couple power days to put some time into either the 40 or the 55 projects.
hurtlocker truck

Then reality hit when I remembered that this depended on other people that don't have the same planning  priorities.
At least the 9" rear end was installed in the Tres Huevos 40 earlier.
Ken & I were also able to throw a couple days at the hurtlocker buttoning some things up.
A couple more days would have been nice though while we had some momentum.
Oh well!
hurtlocker truck - 55 chevy pickup

He scored on those wheels!
His best craigslist steal yet.

As my brother's guys took care of his equipment,
my junk slowly migrated to the big doorway.
Right when you think you got a handle on it,
the pile get's bigger.
on the move

So glad I made that dock cart!
And man oh man was that A-frame handy.
perich brothers - Jaxon & Jakob

Instead of a fun summer going to the beach or on some bitchin trip,
the boys were stuck with me moving seriously tons of chit.
perich brothers

Never once did they complain,
or think it was unusual that there were so many heavy loads.
Awesome kids.
They were the catalyst I needed to do the move on time,
and have fun doing it!
Child labor at its best.
holey chit

That's not to say it was only us Perich Brothers (and sister).
Thanks Mike and Pat for the big muscle!
And my Wife for some serious cleaning!
(Luke you owe her!)

So anyway that's what's been taking most my time.
By the time we'd get home we were bushed.

More soon!


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