20 September 2012

stool time goes domestic

The stool followed me home one day.
It's been the catalyst for a number of different projects.
stool time - house duty - maxstar 150

The garage was so unorganized,
I had to sneak this into the house for repair.
messy garage

How does clutter build up so fast?
Before my wife blew a fuse,
I had to get my chit organized.
not as messy garage

One thing I don't like about cleaning is it takes so much time.
Once there's a little momentum,
it can be very rewarding.
good enough

While I get my chit together here,
I've realized there are many options of tool organization.
Pegboard, rollaways, tool box, shelving units.
It's really tricky,
especially as I've got alot of the same stuff.

This pegboard was dragged from the old shop,
then modified to fit here.
Over there it was used but more like as long term storage.
The tools filling it were convenient but not used that much.

Before I make outlines for each specific tool's position,
there's got to be an evolution of what is needed and what can be boxed.
I'm kidding about making those outlines,
and am amazed that someone can be that organized to do that.
more stool time

The stool also helped out in finally making the roof for the shed.
It had been a couple months now,
and of course I had already been loading stuff inside.
Thank the weather gods it hadn't rained,
right now it's that dew that comes with the morning fog.

Since I had made the box into a big ugly rectangle,
the trick was making the roof angled so water didn't pool up there.
I'll probably put some roofing material on after the first rain,
than wonder why I didn't do it after I wrote this post.

I even tried some fancy trim work,
and realized working with metal is more fun than wood.
Just realized I better get some paint on there.

That's it for now,
stay tuned for part 2, or was this part 2?


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