27 September 2012

bike time 29 - 80's tweaker schwinn

It's been too long since a biketime post,
so let's do it.
schwinn klunker

To most of us this doesn't look like anything special,
but this old bike had a cameo on the first blog post.
perich brothers (and sister): got to start sometime...
So for that reason it is special.
perich brothers & sister 2010
jaxon, macey & jakob

The tweaker formula is simple,
take a stripped out 70's or 80's cruiser frame found in a canyon,
and add all the parts from a  couple clapped out mountain bikes.
Worry not.
This bike isn't stolen goods,
because the tweaker formula
is very similar to the retired old man in a garage formula -
throwing together any parts lying about that fit,
than ride around with a road bike helmet that is too small.
Funny thing how it unintentionally resembles the old KLUNKER bikes.
vintage double crown - triple tree bike fork

A retired firefighter friend (Chris)
from Ventura donated this to the Perich cause long ago.
For some reason his own son wasn't interested in it,
either that or he ditched it as there were no brakes on it.

The old bike had some heavy use back then.
I unearthed some old 8mm silent footage from back in the day - 2007.
This bike is the "bunny hop special".
junk wheels

Fast forward to now,
and the bike had signs of disrepair.
The front hub had somehow shattered,
(not from bunny hopping!)
and the bike sat for a long time.
a couple months back we found this ditched front wheel
in the Ace Hardware parking lot.
A true rim - perfect!
Who doesn't love free chit.
worn axle

Well there was a reason the wheel was tossed.
Even though it spinned smooth,
the bearings in the hub had dislodged,
to the point that they wore a hole through the axle.
Of course I didn't see this til I had swapped the tire.
Fortunately the axle from the old cast hub interchanged.
seriously worn axle

After a short nights work the bike is back in business.
Here's even more of it's finer details.
comfy style

The hard bmx seat was replaced with a fat cruiser seat (for now),
and the seatpost was laid back a bit.
Gone also is the baby seat from that old 2010 picture.
Really hard to bunny hop with her in the back.

One of my earlier attempts at drillium here.
May try to find a working derailleur someday too.
schwinn cruiser

Gotta love the triple clamp mountain bike shock.
Hard to find these with a 1" steer tube,
even with the whopping 1.5" of travel.

Well that's about all I can wring out of this old bike.
Don't fret,
there's an exciting post coming up soon.
Just take me out of my misery if you I'm riding around
with the too small road bike helmet.


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