11 September 2012


I was driving through the nicer part of the neighborhood today,
and this old thing was being loaded up onto a car hauler.
Another guy had already stopped to ask about it,
and I was already in drive mode to stop for a photo-op.
porsche 356 cabriolet

The street is like the semi-main street through town,
and the houses are a little pricey here.
In the old days it was common housing for Naval Officers, doctors etc.,
and with the recent estate sales you can see these deep roots are slowly dying.

porsche 356 cabriolet bye bye

So somebody scored on this old porsche 356.
I'm sure it was bought new and had minimal miles on it.
There's a minor dent in the side of the (original?) oxidized paint,
a cool sign of a survivor car,
not an overdone undriveable restoration.

Wonder where it's going?


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