14 September 2012

flakekings friday lite

Hey Guys.
Out here in internet land there's a weekly event called flakekings friday.


It's a great way to unintentionally spice up this here blog.
A friend Chip mentioned that while reading this one on fridays,
he'll scoot the window over so his wife and kids don't think he's a perve,
as there's always the perfect thumbnail pic over there on the right.
He he he...
I sometimes wonder how many of us have to do the same!
perichbrothers (and sister) 

Well here's our perichbrothers (and sister) version.
Hey this is still a family website what'd you expect!

While sorting through all my junk from the move,
this was on the shop wall(s) for years.
My wife painted this before we were married.
The kids were shocked to find out we weren't always the normal law abiding boring yelling parents we are now!
Why would mom paint naked girls?

The Distillers - Oh serena - live
The other day we were blasting some easy listening punk,
the distillers, the bronx, early pennywise & rancid...
The kids were like...what the heck!
Good times...



  1. Travis, if you get a chance check out the latest Pennywise album, they have a new lead singer but the sound is classic Pennywise.

  2. I'll have to check that out.
    Can't imagine them swapping lead guys.