10 September 2012

how NOT to remove a schwinn kickstand!

After all his help moving the tons of junk out of the shop,
all Jaxon requested was removing the kickstand out of his Schwinn Stingray,
so we could take it to the sandblaster.
He had been asking about this for months actually,
and I'd look at it and that's about how far it went.
how NOT to remove a kickstand

Typically I'll search a ton on the internet to figure out how to do something like this.
This time we only searched a couple pounds.
There is a video out there and a picture of some expensive tools,
and it looked easy enough.
Of course this was because of the video translation on the miniature Ally cellphone screen!
Judging by the actions,
I thought the kickstand just had to be pushed out a bit,
than the pin removed.
Okay let's ditch that dang phone.
After a more thorough search on the big screen,
we figured out the trick.
schwinn kickstand dissambly
(ripped off picture)

What looked like a tool that pulled the kickstand out,
is actually pushing the bushing in.
The spring needs to be compressed the smallest amount,
than the T-pin pops right out.
how to remove a schwinn kickstand

There are a bunch of fancy homemade and production tools,
but this one came out with a crescent wrench, pliers and a screwdriver.
Installing probably won't be as easy,
so by then we'll whittle out the correct tool,
like something from this link.
★ RATRODBIKES.COM ★ • View topic - Schwinn or Park kickstand removal tool
homemade kickstand removal tool
(not mine!)

This one looked easy to make,
some copper tubing and time.
Jaxon Perich and his stingrays

After patiently waiting for way too long,
Jaxon finally can get this bike pimped out.
By then he may be too big for these little bikes!


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