21 October 2011

Wasp MX Sidecar - runs!

Mark's been powering out on his Wasp sidecar project.
Basically it's changed from a project to a running bike, or trike.
He's been battling electrical issues and finally won.

Wasp MX sidecar w/kawasaki w650 engine

Of course he only sent me one picture!

I really like the (almost) finished look of it.
The frame was originally nickeled with a bad coat of primer over it.
He scrubbed it off and it really looks cool,
especially with the aluminum fenders and custom stuff he let me build!
He said the engine is loud but its quick and sounds like a Triumph.

He and his wife Kathy have been tuning it up,
practicing for the race in November .
(i think at willowsprings, I'll edit this if I find out more)

It's always good to see a project progress and not stall!
Click the WASP link below if you want to see what it started like.


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