13 October 2011

torn - 30 roadster project

Over the weekend I was perusing craigslist.
And what the heck,
I found a 31 roadster body.
No picture, just a description and a phone #.
Kinda rare to see something like that locally,
especially in an affordable price range.
I left some messages,
and after 4 days I figured it was gone.

Well wouldn't you know it he still had it...
So that night I justified getting another project.

30 roadster cowl

So I went out there and checked it out.
It was a real roadster, not a cut down coupe.

30 roadster doors

The doors were in ok shape,
not perfect, but useable without reskinning.

30 roadster quarter

The drivers side was actually in pretty good shape.
Some dinks but no warps.
A couple problems around the decklid though.

30 roadster quarter panel

The passenger quarter panel was actually in better shape up top,
but had some worse weld work where the decklid was welded to the reveal line.

So this was the clincher.
The decklid was welded to the top and bottom panels.
While the decklid base or frame was still in there,
the skin itself was beyond any realistic repair,
as well as those top and bottom sections.

welded up decklid

For some reason I passed on it.
I did offer a little lower but he was firm,
on an already decent price.

Typically this would have been a done deal.
What happened?
I had the money,
even had a partner to go halves just to get it.

The decklid area work wasn't too out of hand,
the repair panels are cheap.
Even after the time spent fixing it,
the body could be flipped for probably way more money,
especially if I made it into a roller.

So I don't know.
Fortunately he's out of town til Sunday,
so I can hem and haw on it,
but there's some guys coming down to check it out then,
and most likely it will be gone.



grateful dead - deal
These early versions are the best - good guitar solos too.





  1. How good was this price? No body subframe, huh?

  2. firm on $2200,
    which really is a fair price.
    for $250 he'd add a nice decklid.
    the problem was the reveal that follows the decklid,
    it is really mashed up.

    so after buying the top and bottom replacements,
    a set of door hinges,
    and either reskin or different decklid,
    and the work,
    I'm torn if its a deal or not.

    the problem is we're saving for a better car for the wife!
    as well as having many other projects.