06 October 2011

bang bang

So who says you can't get something done working 2 hrs a day.

bang bang

the only picture I took with the cellphone.
Looks better blurry these things are only roughed out right now.



A quick clamp party mockup...


...looks like these things may just work.


Since it took about 23 seconds to read this post,
let's double it with this whopper.

I love this chit.
I've probably listened to it 8259 times.
Best one drum solo ever.
And magic fingers on the accordian,
very under-rated talent there.
Close your eyes,
you can smell the sweet stale beer and bacon dogs.
Thanks Ditziblonde789 for youtubing this,
even if you ended up puking out the window while crossing the border.


 Until next time.


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