18 October 2011


See anything new?

same old same old?

Yeah it's hard to see,
prolly cause you're so far away.

After sundays surprise thrash,
there's not much I wanted to do more than work on the 40.
So today played a little hookie,
and wow it always surprises me how fast I can do stuff that doesn't pay.

messy table

This is the door,
the other one is just like it
Last year or more I had made the bottom extension and that diagonal brace,
but at the time the measurements were a little different,
and those little hinges were just to find the right pivot.

junkyard dissection

I haven't been utilizing the outside area of the shop much.
It is so much nicer doing the dirty stuff out in the air.
I'll have to make some kinda bench and shade now.

Not too much was left of the door after the cut,
but the important part was left.


This door was a tight fit.
I find it easiest to actually tack the door to the body.
There was a fair amount of time fixing the front and rear gaps,
as well as the rear door jamb gap.

There was also a lip needed to support the front sheetmetal,
since it was also rusted away.
I didn't take a picture of it though.

But here's the good part.

passenger door!

This has been a long time coming.

open passenger door

It was really cool to see the door swing out.

So let's see it again.

passenger door closed

I have to say there was a little concern that the door wouldn't open enough.

passenger door open

But there is plenty of angle.

This had taken a good part of the day,
and I was jonesin' to do the other side,
as it is questionable when I'd have the time.
So with less than 2 hours before kid duty...

Here's that new lip that held on the front sheetmetal.


It's hard to see.
It is that temporary strap that held the hinges in position earlier,
now a permanent part of the door box.

junkyard dissection II

Quick cut and grind of the drivers door.
Way faster knowing where to cut.

door tacked in place

Here you can see how tight the gaps were.
At least the frame itself wasn't as tight like the other side.


I just did a quick cut and some quick welds to hold the skin in place.
Later on I'll have to finish it off.
No I didn't take any closeup pics of the new gap...

But I did take pics after the door was welded to the hinge box.

driver's door closed

This door skin was a little rougher than the other side.
At least the reveal line lines up.

driver's door open

It was such a cool feeling to see the doors hold themselves up,
I would have loved to drink a beer and just stand there and look at them.
But I had to go.
At least I have the pictures til tomorrow.

1940 ford chopped sectioned coupe with working doors

The door skins are still missing the bottom 10 inches,
and there is a ton of finish work.

And latches...


Cracker - I see the light.
1993 vs 2008


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