17 October 2011


Okay where were we.
perich brothers (and sister): bang bang
Last time I had just finished the main hinge pieces.

It was either bolt the hinge to the door,
or bolt the door to the hinge.


Only one thing helps me fall asleep at night faster than visualizing a project.
I decided on bolting the door to the hinges,
than the inside of the door would be flat,
alot easier to make,
other than notching the door to slip the hinges inside.

First positioned the hinges with some temporary flatbar.

mocked up

Than cut out the real door piece and drilled some holes...

the door begins

The hinges laid out much better with the new door piece.
The best thing was the hinges actually swung.

2nd door piece

The door part of the door jamb was conveniently waiting,
so eyeballed a gap and tacked it on.
There was just enough clearance to not rub on the body when opening.
What a relief.


Than some gussets were cut out and welded.
This really stiffened up the door hinge box.


After some quick welding...


And grinding,
the doors were ready for a semifinal fit.


They didn't warp,
and the welding made them even stiffer.


Now all there is to do is graft the old rusty door on the new shiny hinge box.
Sounds easy!


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