13 October 2011

the walking dead

A little filler here,
get you guys ready for the Halloween season.

bicycle girl - the walking dead

Since we don't have cable,
I'm a little out of touch with some parts of the media.
we do still have Netflix,
and on a whim I put this show on our queue.

Holy Chit.

If you haven't seen this show yet,
go and rent the 2 DVD season.
Well worth your time.

I like zombie flicks,
and what can top it but a zombie series.
The guys doing the effects and sets for this show must have some fun.

Even the music is creepy and original.
Bear McCreary – Official site
It's the same guy that did the Battlestar Galactica series,
which I thought was cool too.

I wondered what happened to the dude from "boondock saints"!

catch up on the show,
cause the 2nd year season premier is this sunday.
Its on the AMC channel,
the same guys that did "Breaking Bad",
another crazy show that you should watch.

And we don't have cable.

Holy Chit.


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