05 July 2011

Tres Huevos - 6 hour nose job

Saturday night I was on fire.
In my head anyway.
I had spent some time on the Hurtlocker truck,
and than at 9 pm started up on Tres Huevos.

bottoms up

My choices were to get a start on a big multi-day project,
or try to do something small thats been on my mind for a while now.


Sometime its good to do fluff work.

perich brothers (and sister): motorvation - ford coupe nose part I

Besides no doors,
this is the next thing lacking when I look at the pictures.


I should have taken a snack break at this point.
For some reason I couldn't,
and just chowed down some chocolate and coffee.

Next thing I knew the curved part was almost done.


Everything seemed to go together quick and easily.
I wasn't too concerned with time as the next day was July 4th kids day.
It only took a short time to get that center triangle piece in.

Here's where I really should have taken a break.
I had no concept of time,
figured it was somewhere between 1:30 and 3am.

boiling point

When I saw it was only 1:47,
I thought - just a little more time to clean up the welds...
Big mistake.
A bit later the lack of food caught up with me!

It had been a good 10 hours since a substantial meal,
and I'd been working almost continuously on caffeine.
Everything kinda caught up with me -
-actually my  head wanted to work
 but my body said,"ok that's enough!"
Forced break time!

Sometime's I'll drink a beer or a shot or 2 of that old grand dad whiskey
about 2 hours before quitting time.
This helps wind things down in my "sweet spot" between 10-2.

Since I've been driving Chief to the shop, I don't need the trouble.
Funny if I thought I'd ever have a problem being to sober!

much better

This is when living close to home is nice.
After some good food and a couple hours sleep,
I woke up at 7:30 and went back to the shop,
still had some time to finish up before the wife had to work.

So after a little hammering, welding and grinding,
it was good enough for the rattlecan.

still needs a trim

I'll trim the back part when I figure out the radiator situation.
Although I'd really like to do this!!

front mount crank driven blower setup.
Picture ripped from Irish Mike

July 4th, one of the first days in a long time with no coffee or tea.

perich brothers (and sister): coffee, tea, soda pop, pee.

Deja Vu!



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