20 July 2011

break out the road bikes...

My brother and I played hookie for half the day,
and took a kinda unplanned bike ride up to my old school UCSD.

It was good to break him in to his new year,
he just turned 36 yesterday.
Happy Belated Birthday Trevor!

Perich Brothers & the
UCSD Sun God

Its about a 25 mile round trip,
but we took it easy with some pit stops.
We're both out of shape enough to be about equal riders!

It's funny but we have a yearly progression of this kinda stuff.
Usually we start riding around this time,
little more, little more, over the months,
than go for a really long ride that kinda burns us out.
We've ridden double century(200 miles) from Ventura to San Diego,
and other long rides.
(no you won't see us in spandex)

Than he goes into his hunting fix,
and I get in my day light not savings hot rod building fix,
and the years go by.

1972 campagnolo equipped Schroder road bike

I haven't "bike timed" this bike yet,
and will do it properly later on.

This is the first time riding it in a while.
It is a custom Schroder road bike,
I bought from the original owner on good ole craigslist a couple years back.

He had ordered it in 1972 and it was delivered in 1973,
so the campagnolo nuovo record group is all '73.
Funny cause at the time there was a long wait for Columbus or Reynolds tubing,
so he "settled" for Ishiwata tubing,
which is probably at least equal in specs.

flip side

Originally it was white,
but in '80 or '81 he had it painted by a locally famous frame builder/painter Brian Baylis.
I can't believe he gave up the bike for the price after 35 years,
but he was a one bike kinda guy and this one lost.

I changed the bar wrap for that cotton/shellac style I like,
the wheels are now Phil Hub with some Mavic open4cd rims,
and some era correct campy pedals replaced the clips.

It felt great to dust it off, fill the tires,
and jump on a bike that loves to go.
Maybe that's why I missed some photo opportunities,
it was hard to stop.

little boat sculpture

Since I used to have a kayak shop,
I had to take a picture of this crazy "sculpture".

go out and get some exercise.
It clears the mind to break a sweat out in the open air.


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