31 July 2011

that was it?

Last night spent a couple hours tinkering in the garage.

6 volt lights!

It was one of those "that was it?" moments.
Wiring is one of those chore-like projects
 that I tend to think is more tedious than it really is.

My old friend Luke "PIGPEN" Brown had done most of the wiring
during the GNRS thrash.
Only the accessory stuff was left.
The lights and switches were installed,
just needed the wires connecting everything.

Still it was a 2 night 2 weekend home project during kid duty.

last week

The hold up was a secondary fuse panel.
There is an upper fuse panel for the dash stuff,
and a lower fuse panel closer to the battery.
This keeps the wires short and minimal.

110v welding

So after about 4 months of planning,
in 2 minutes the little bracket was welded up.

lower fuse panel

I will admit to a quicky wiring job.
Usually I'll remove the plastic covers,
than throw some shrink wrap on there.
The mosquitos were out in force so that's my excuse!
Ok a couple beers helped push things through too.
I'll clean it up later...

before cell phones this was needed

It's hard to see but the overdrive solenoid is now hooked up too,
its the left switch on that shifter cover.

fog light warning light

The little dash light on the right is for the fog light.
It used to be on when the OD was on,
but it was so bright at night  on one trip I took the bulb out.

night chess

While I was screwing around in the garage,
the kids had started with the bikes, than the ball,
than the chess set?

when's dinner?

Nothing more fun at 9pm on a saturday than playing chess to a 34 watt bulb!

I do need to say the kids did help with the project.
The boys saw how the wires went from the power,
to the switch, to the lights...
Maybe one of them will take over wiring duty!

little helper

Macey made sure all the switches and lights worked afterward!

Little by little.


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