07 July 2011

shop rats

So you're 10 or 11 years old,
schools out, what do you do.

Hang out with Dad at the shop!

are we having fun yet?

We've been riding bikes to the shop a couple days out of this week.
The wife picks them up after work and I can continue working.
It's a a good racket.

lunch time

It's not all fun and games though.
The first day they had to weed the side yard,
part of it anyway.

taking turns

Yesterday they cleaned pigpens pigpen.

Right when they thought they were finished...

friggin dog hair...

They did a great job though.
And more importantly didn't get injured!

clean for now

So besides doing my dirty work,
visiting all my lunch hang outs,
and listening to a grinder half the time...

They've got a goal.

pigpens pigpen

We are restrictive with the video games at the house,
and it is the same here.
They play for a bit, get some fresh air, clean, eat, play for another bit.
It's the best way to keep them safely away from the sound and dust of the shop work.

They do have some projects I'll be posting up too.


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