15 July 2011

baby steps - quarter windows and more!

It's 8pm,
I'm already dirty from workin on other stuff.
Go home and rest or try to knock out a baby step?

40 ford quarter window trim rings

Ahh what the heck.
This is one of the little projects that float around in my head until they are finally done,
or in tonights case half-done.

quarter window
grey shade to hide nastiness

Starting the decklid hinge project has forced me to notice the half-welded interior.
I never finish welded or hammered the chop,
so all the little details that suck up time are reappearing.
The trim rings are a good thing for a cover up.

work station

Fortunately the shape of the quarter window wasn't molested.
Many times guys will torture the curves with cuts,
resulting in replication of that tortured curve on the inside trim.
This chop kept the original shape,
and on the step you can see the sectioned trim pieces.

tacked up

Maybe that was why I thought it would be a quick project!
There's always something.
I spent more time prepping the body/frame to accept the trim.

80% done

The easiest way to start is to tack the corner to the body.
This gives a rigid base to add all the other pieces,
which can also be tacked to avoid movement when welding.
Than new holes can be drilled if needed for the screws.

The problem is its tougher to finish grind,
and of course this is when its easier to wrap it up and go home!
80% is better than nothing!


So here's the musical catalyst...

One of my top working dead bootlegs...
songs 10-14 (music, cold rain, BIODTL, scarlet-fire)
are a powerhouse.
This is a great way to time a 45 minute chunk of time.

this is the one when you're gettin' burnt,
trying to figure out if you want to quit or carry on.
I've cut it down to songs 1, 2, 17, 18, 19 and 21 to keep it 45 minutes.
A rippin Bertha - Good lovin, franklins, sugar mags, terrapin,
and a crazy Werewolves of London.

This version rips.
I'll try to finish the project to this song,
and then play it again to clean up to.
Yeah crazy.


So while I'm at it I did get another baby step done.


I knew this was lying around somewhere.
It's a piece of 16 gauge sheetmetal formed to a 1/2x1/2" angle.
See it?

forming the curve

This is needed to create the inner drip rail, strengthen that curve to follow the decklid,
and hold the rubber seal.

sepia tone to camouflage nastiness

Here it is welded up and lightly flapper disced.
Now I need to figure out a hinge mount crossbar,
which will join to the base of the new drip lip.
This should keep it nice and rigid,
and also follow the decklid curve (since it is still tacked together)

Once the decklid is open,
I'll finish up the inside grinding.
It creates one heck of a dust storm inside there.



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