27 July 2011

panga hunter

You guys remember all my "Panga" posts a while back?

perich brothers (and sister): "La Chuya" - Panga

perich brothers (and sister): the Ultimate Panga - Dios Mio

Well this is the other side of the coin.

border patrol
panga catcher

This thing is crazy.
If you're in a panga trying to outrun this thing,
good luck.

 government speed boat

This thing rolled in while we were pecking away on a fishing boat.
Not sure how much need there is in the day time,
panga hunting seems like a night sport.

900 HP gas suckers

This thing is nuts.
900 HP and that is just what's on the label.
I'm sure these outboards have some tricks inside there 225 HP covers.
This is one of their small ones!


Definitely built like a tank.

"u.s. customs and border protection"

What a job,
running down drug and illegal alien smugglers in a 75+ mph cruiser!

mexican panga

Funny what it takes to chase down these old pangas.
The panga runners best chances are running in herds.
If 3 panga's are on the mission,
then the lame one can get caught while the others continue on.

Fun times!


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