16 December 2010

coffee, tea, soda pop, pee.

I'm struggling.
A couple weeks ago I realized how much coffee I was drinking.
When the daylight savings time stops and it gets colder,
I'll usually drink way more.
Normally I'll try to go cold turkey one day out of the week,
deal with the headache,
just to keep my tolerance down, but I haven't.
It's worse when you actually feel sleepy after drinking a cup or two,
than after the 4th cup you feel like busting out of your skin!

Another issue is we have the kids preparing the coffee maker,
and holy moly some of it comes out so strong, so good though,
but is it good when you take a leak and it smells like coffee?

So I decided to quit.
Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks.
Am I proud?
I can't say,
as all that's happened is I've replaced it with hot tea, Arizona Green Tea & Dr. Pepper, Snickers...
What is better?
At least I'm not into those energy drinks.

My production level is also for shit,
I can do a normal day fine,
but  by 8pm I'm burnt, instead of working into the 2am "sweet spot".

shades of brown

This is what I get to wake up to.
The dark richness of a home brewed pot of coffee.
For my wife,
who leaves half the pot just in case I'm gonna crack.
a tasteless dishwater Tea.

Yesterday I was about as close to cracking ever.
The craving, the need was so strong.
It will be tough today,
I just want to do 2 weeks and start up again.
Whoever says coffee is not a drug...

I'm living the first 2 minutes of this Bob Marley song!


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