08 July 2011

how to - fix a leaky 5.0 ford

We've got a 1990 lincoln town car.
For a $600 tow yard score it's a great car,
on its fourth year with us already.

love your lincoln work truck

The wife's been driving it to work lately,
(no the above pic is an older shot)
and the other day she said it was overheating on the way there.
Oh holy chit.
That's it.
Time's up.
The next day I notice the water was really low,
fill it up,
and there doesn't seem to be any leaks.

perich brothers (and sister): how to - popping freeze plugs

Did I forget to top it off when I changed the freeze plugs?

Couple days later,
she's driving to work.
Get the call.
The Lincoln's overheating again.
Ah crap.

So this morning I drive it down to the shop,
and again the water is really low.
So I fill it up and ohhhhh....

leaky 5.0

If any of you guys have one of these old fords,
you'll know of that timing chain cover that the water pump sits on.
I changed the pump almost 4 years ago,
and noticed that TC cover was a little corroded back then.
And now there was just the smallest of drips, but it is enough under pressure.
Ahh hell.

ford 5.0 birds nest

Tearing the front of the engine apart,
dang, that's not what I'm looking forward to doing...

I wonder if my secret weapon may save the day!?

Ginger Powder

This $1.49 bottle of ginger powder has saved me countless hours of mechanical BS,
I used the last of it for this fix!

Sure it's hack,
I admit it.
But man it cures the sneakiest of water leaks.

How to...
1 - Add a couple tablespoons of ginger powder to a cup or so of water and mix.
2 - Pour into a warm/hot radiator.
3 - Drive around for a couple minutes to pop the thermostat and get the coolant mixed up.
4 - Let it sit and watch leaks disappear.

leak be gone!

Thankfully the powdered ginger worked for now!
You've probably heard of pepper, egg, and expensive auto part store concoctions,
but nothing gives out the smell of boiling ginger.

Look for the finest powder,  not granulated.
The ginger expands when wet and will plug the radiator.

It is interesting when doing an actual take-apart repair,
to see the gold rock that the ginger has formed to plug the hole.

Wish there was a spice for plugging oil leaks!


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