10 November 2010

ultimate paint test

These master cylinders have been on Chief for almost 10 years now.
It was my understanding that brake fluid rips through any coating so I never bothered.
Even chrome gets ruined by brake fluid with its ability to seep inbetween any physical bond.
This is why it works great as a "liquid wrench" if you're working on rusty bolts and nuts.
The problem is its really corrosive so don't leave it on too long.
After a little grinding they were about 90% rust free.
After this picture I wirewheeled them as good as possible.
We've been using this epoxy primer on marine applications,
it's a very adhesive and dense paint thats good against salt or fuels.
Even painting over light rust the stuff just coats and sticks and doesn't bleed rust.
There are some test spots on random rusty tools and stands i've been experimenting with.
For this reason, figured why not try it on the brake parts.
Unfortunately black isn't an option so I had to coat it with the rattlecan.
Over time I'm expecting the black to slowly bubble off,
but hopefully the grey will stay on.

They look sharp right now though!

Actually a friend Ricky Rojas suggested using synthetic brake fluid, DOT 5.
Its not as harsh on the paint,
i've found out that it doesn't have the Polyethylene Glycol that DOT 3 and 4 contain.

Anyway we'll test it out and see!

(oh yeah one master if for the front and the other is for the rear)


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