20 November 2010

chief - slow going

Well I thought I'd be alot farther along,
but between trying to be responsible and finish $$ projects first,
it's slow going.
Really I should have just powered on this roadster pickup all last week.

gas cap - needs polishing

Fortunately this old gas cap is stainless so it should polish up ok.
Anyone know where to get a replacement seal?
This one is like a raisin.


If I had a choice of being a restorer or a fabricator -
Cleaning, painting and bolting stuff on vs making something cool.


The seat bottom was always a small step above a torture rack.
It was great on the short drives, but damn anything over a couple hours.
I guess thats true with any seat though really.
Anyway expect a new seat bottom pretty soon,
maybe with a cushion?

horned chief vs screaming chief

One of the best things about cleaning.
The rediscovery of a (gasp) replacement chief.
The horned chief in the background getting ready to take out the screaming chief,
well he actually was the second chief, the first one disintegrated in the sun.
The broken ankle on horned chief just doesn't make him fit for the job anymore.

Thanksgiving week though,
shit will get done this week.


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