01 November 2010

kenwood pumper

Anyone whose been by the shop knows how important music is there.
It's like the oil that reduces friction in a running engine.
And the quality of that oil can facilitate alchemy,
or grind things to a halt.

Well my system of choice is about as ancient electronically as my car projects.
These "Technic SB-7000 speakers have been pumping music for me for almost 25 years,
actually more cause my parents bought them in the early 80's.
Whats lurking under the screen is a sight seldom seen,
a huge 15" woofer.
Back in the old days Radio Shack sold replacement speakers,
(they also had a "how to build speakers" book)
I should have gotten some replacements when they were easy to find and cheap,
as I replaced the top tweeters almost 15 years ago!
They still sound good and suck the power out of my old workhorse...

This is the sound system.
That old mac has a ridiculous 4GB,
smaller than an early ipod, but it has a nice equalizer.
I'll run it til it dies!
The matching Technics turntable is down there too.

This is the reason for the post.
This good old Kenwood rack mount system has served me well for over 16 years,
about 15 years more than I expected, from a unit built in 1971!
It's been glitchy the whole time as dust would wreak havoc on the unprotected solid state internals.
(I'll post pictures of the trick cardboard shielding soon)
The top part is an audio laboratory scope, (KC-6060A) really cool,
the tuner is a KT-7001, and the integrated amp is a KA-7002

Well its finally kicked the bucket :(
Now I'm on the hunt for a budget craigslist replacement,
and after a brief search realized there's so many choices.
I'd love to keep the old silver look,
there's a cool 1969 40 watt Sony receiver out there..
Or just screw it and get some newer technology?
I'd lose a remote pretty quick...
Just get it fixed?


Figured I'd throw this awesome shot of the old cardboard protector!

cardboard kenwood

Nice huh!

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  1. Shoot me an email if you want to get a vintage stereo phile seller in San Diego, he's a friend of mine with a 440 Superbee, and a love of old high end stereo equip, vacuum tube amps and Mackintosh head units, all sorts of quality I am not fluent about. jbohjkl@yahoo.com and I'll send you his email. He's doing a good side business with old speakers and steroes, maybe you two will hit some common ground.