23 November 2010

Liar's Club

Do you remember the game "Liars Club"?
If you do you're gettin old, it's from the 70's.
YouTube - Liar's Club - Propeller
Anyway a bunch of burnt celebrities got hammered,
made up stories about random inventions,
and the star-struck contestants would bet up to a whopping $100 which one was right.
Great show.

Anyway here goes.
My brother is good at making exact blueprints.
What do you think this is?


Blueprints on actual paper, way better than napkins or restauraunt placemants.

A- big engine motormounts?


mounted motormounts

B.  Independent rear suspension setup?

Corvette rear suspension

C. Shark corral?

Shark Corral

Isn't this fun?


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