11 November 2010

cluster-phuque - version ii

I've been trudging through the past few days.
The master plan of getting a bunch of stuff done totally backfired,
and I think I found the reason.

After the blue coupe left all the mess behind it was visible.
The space was empty,
but there was absolutely no flow to my part of the shop.
(me and my brother split the shop so the back part is for my stuff)
This is over a year of junk just piled up onto the walls.
Just layers of project castoffs and random chit.
Although a clean and organized shop makes work efficient,
if there's a choice between building something or cleaning...
The other problem is if I start to clean up,
it makes me realize how messy the shop really is.
I get the blurry-eye syndrome when everything just blends in.
It started slow but last night some major movement occured.
Yeah it still looks like a cluster-phuque to the untrained eye,
but at least we don't have to use a stick to turn the lights on and off!

Something that really spurred me on was the bonfire raging outside.
I can't believe the pictures didn't turn out but it was a good one.
It was like a black hole sucking in old boxes and pieces of wood.
Luke might have some he was really hypnotized by the blue fire.
Had to edit this as we're fortunate that Luke actually took drunken video,
maybe he's running outside to puke I don't know it was kinda freaky...

Cleansing of the Beast from Luke Brown on Vimeo.
Nothing screams Autumn like a bonfire.
Anyway where were we...
My Mom taught me a simple rule of cleaning -
"Like things in like places".
Than everything can look piled up but at least its organized.

Anyway its still messy but way better than it was.
At least everything heavy is on rollers,
so there's space for the return of an old project.
Didn't really get to that part!

You like how stairs double as shelves!
I rarely go up there even though that rocking chair gets the best sound.
Did you guys ever see this project?
Good, gives me something to write about later!

the Hurtlocker Truck - Corvette summer.



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