09 November 2010

hard to handle vs hard to handle

You got 18 minutes?
You have a good speaker setup on your computer?

Hard to Handle, one of my favorite songs by the grateful dead.
'71 was a great year too, they really knew their shit.
With only one drummer
(bill kreutzmann taking temporary slack from the old duo with mickey hart)
and Pigpen really filling the bill during the live shows.
peaking out here cause he died about a year and a half after this.

Anyway it is arguable which one of these is the best...

Or this one...28april1971 at the fillmore east.

Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore East on 1971-04-28 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

(this one is tricky, click on the link, go to that black left part there,
and scroll down to #29, play it, and crank it up!)

This april show was one of my first bootleg tapes,
(about '88 - thanks Rob!)
so i'll always have an affinity for this version.
It was the first one where that everyone really clicked during the middle jam there.
Outrageous bass and guitar - 2 minutes longer too.
Strangely enough it took almost 4 months for them to really try to outdo it,
as there are some really great august versions.
To me they'll always be recreations of that april show.

Anyway if you have some time to stream that whole april show, do it.
At least start from #24 morning dew which is absolutely insane,
and 33-39, holy shit.

(Post a comment if you want a CD of the second set!)

Just for kicks,
here's what they look like in action...
inbetween the 2 monsters, june of '71.
See what I mean?
The whole end jam is out and this is only 2 months after and before the above shows.

This is a funny daytime 70 show,
people really tripped out back then!
Crazy hippies!

This just scratches the surface...


Yeah I'm a deadhead,
but this is some of the best music to work or drive to out there!


  1. I've been streaming shows off archieve.org at work & turning my coworkers into hillbillies! I'll probably get drug tested by the end of the week. I'd like to check out the shop some time

    Brian L. AKA "B.Diddy"

  2. Glad to hear it Brian!
    Its easy to get hooked.
    Another bitchin '71 show is 18feb71,
    one of my favorites.

    PM me if you ever want to come by,
    usually nights are better.