15 November 2010

stool time IV

Again with the stool!

junk sorter
We've been walking around a pile of milk crates for the past couple months.
Absolutely nothing of any real value. Ridiculous.

electronics stand
Not everything I do needs a grinder.
The temporary replacement music system is almost ready to post up here.

wood and metal scrap
What more is there to say!

family heirloom
My grandfather was an aviation repair tech in the navy during WWII.
Basically one of the guys on board an aircraft carrier
that got wrecked planes back up in the air.
He retired after running the shop that built miniature warships for radar tests,
I'll make sure to get some pictures of them, really neat detail.
Anyway he was able to score some sheetmetal tools and this is one of them.
It is supposed to cut through 3/16" steel but I am happy just as a sheetmetal shear.

elephant man

 Just making sure the ergonomics are going to work in this thing.
The removable firewall is so friggin ugly.

child labor

Now you know why this stool gets so much use.
Just kidding.


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