17 November 2010

mush III - what the fork!?

This is a story about as exciting as I feel today.
Right when I think some momentum is underway I get that schoolyard cold that happens when you're a dad.
No problem, I'm a firm believer in 'over the counter' drugs and some generic dayquil will do the trick.

Anyway this post is quite personal,
reaching back probably to my single digit years.
awesome forks?

What could be so special about a couple of forks you ask.
Well that top brass-like fork i've been using since probably 3rd grade.
It is the last fork from the family set left.
(There is also one tablespoon and a teaspoon left, equally cool but not as notable today,
and a bunch of knives which are rarely used, you'll see why...)

I've dragged this fork around with me over the years to 9 different houses and 3 different shops.
I learned that it was easier for me to have the minimum amount of dishes early on,
otherwise they pile up and doing the dishes becomes an event instead of a quick chore.
Hey I lived in the back of a kayak shop for almost 10 years!

My brother Trevor was surprised that I still had that old fork,
and was even more surprised when he realized it was more than a fork -
a forknife.

Incredible, you're thinking.
This tool eliminates the need for a knife in the majority of meals.
I filed this down in '94 or '95 and it totally changed my eating technique.
It is in our utensil drawer right now!

Weren't we surprised when someone ran with the idea and made an almost disposable version!

new and old forknives

If I had known this was a marketable tool I could have patented it,
 gone to china with my trusty forknife, gotten a military or walmart contract,
and retired to homes around the world, or just a nice shop!
I would have called the business something other than "light my fire", but whatever.

Before you think I'm crazy,
go out and find a good candidate to make you're own forknife,
you will be converted.


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