05 November 2010

fun at work II - shark cage

So you need a shark cage?
no problem.
So you need a shark cage in 7 days?
no problem
Oh, now you need a shark cage in 3 1/2 days?
Um, no problem?

My brother Trevor has the hookup for some friends that have a show on Nat Geo.
Its the shark show when they catch great whites and take sperm samples and stuff.
Fortunately for us, they know cool stuff can be made with crazy deadlines.

You know a job is good when it needs all the clamps.
Actually needed a few more!

You know a job is good when I have to bring the coffeemaker from home.

Better get this back...

These were figured out about 2 hours before pickup.
They need to be simple,
especially when in a rush,
like when a shark is after your ass!

Not the prettiest of welds there but it'll have to do.
When we were discussing making this a couple weeks ago,
I was imagining a TIG welded work of art.
When the date was pushed up,
the MIG spool gun just made everything faster.
The tough part is the tubing is only 1/8"
which can only soak up so much heat before blowing through.

These were figured out about 1 in the morning.
Its a trademark style of hinge now as they were on some other jobs too.
I have to admit this though,
its awesome when I can make something out of cardboard,
and than a couple hours later they're churned out by my secret weapon.

This is my secret weapon and his dog.

Even though he can be a real grouch,
and he doesn't believe in showering until the jobs over.
Thanks Luke, the pigpen in the pigpen.

We installed the airtanks and hoses about an hour before the truck showed up.
This was about 20 minutes before.

Its strange as it's become normal to work like this,
and its actually stranger to have jobs with normal schedules!

Thanks for tuning in!



  1. Its the year of the rat and my moon sign is in the aries span. Gimmie a break.

  2. how did you made the air tanks?

  3. Big plastic water pipes.