05 February 2014


Yesterday I tried to make the most out of a couple spare hours.
Everything was going really well at first.
1940 ford coupe - chopped - channeled - sectioned - pie-cut hood

Got the hood sanded a little.
Not for any particular reason,
other than hiding some of the obvious imperfections!
A little fakey for oldies month...

Otis Day and the Knights - Shama Lama Ding Dong
- guess this was a make believe song by a make believe band,
not sung by the guy singing it in the movie!

One thing on the glaring imperfection list was this dent.
It's been conveniently unfinished,
kinda like that house in the cartoons when the buildings are developed around it.
holey chit

The reason I've waited so long is this inner dome light.
Nothing a couple minutes with a grinder couldn't fix.

Within minutes the majoritiy of the dent was pounded out.
proper 1940 coupe rear windows

The big thing on my STD (chit to do) list were these pedals.
Subconsciously I was waiting for a better set to bubble up.
1939? ford pedal assembly

Long ago someone had masterfully extended the clutch throw.
I could only hope the booger welds were truly booger welds.
customized pedals

Just as I suspected,
the brass bushings had totally worn through.

It felt so good to just grind.
Is it crazy to think a good time
is wearing a respirator mask and mickey mouse ear protectors?
Not sure how those around me liked the noise and dust!

After 5+ years,
a half hour with the grinder and what a difference.
Those tabs fell out just as expected.
Whoever welded it didn't even wirebrush off the flux!

I thought this was going to be a slam dunk deal.
The bushings were ordered months ago,
and had been one of those little bags cluttering the computer desk.
Well wouldn't you know it,
there are two bushings per pedal.
Even though it says there's a clutch and brake set on the bag.
Ahh... double booger.


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