10 February 2014

No more holey chit

At one point I thought it would be cool to leave a couple rust spots on the 40.
This was more recent as I'm letting on,
As I changed my mind last Wednesday.
Maybe it was because I've got a vague memory of how far this has come,
That these last spots are nothing compared to how bad it was,
Or maybe it's cause I was too lazy to start more sheetmetal work.
Whatever the case the tables were turned last week,
And the coupe was dismantled even further.
Removing the running boards revealed the hidden mess.
I tried not to stray too far from the original build theme,
So a scrap piece of sheetmetal was used to make the patch.
A couple minutes later and voila,
A couple feet of welding is added to the STD list.

How did I try to talk myself into leaving that rusty hole on there?
The only casualty so far was that same finger I smashed months ago.
Seems like I'm constantly reminded that the grinder will always win.
This happened while grinding behind the fender,
And wouldn't have happened if I'd removed the front wheel.
Yeah I could've worn gloves,
But then they would've been ruined!
oldies month!!
I guess I'm clueless cause this isn't who I thought sang this song,
really I never knew!
Originally offered to Aretha Franklin but passed to
Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man
Never mind that,
There was still an hour or two left of daylight.

Now there was no turning back.
This time a thicker plate was used.
The secondary backing plate is what sponges up the moisture,
And we don't want someone to have to do this 70 years from now!
Just like clockwork,
The night showed up and called it a day.
I've now added 7 more corners like this on my STD list.


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