17 February 2014

Introducing the Cradle Robber

Big changes happened over the weekend.
The wife and kids took advantage of the 4-day weekend,
And I took advantage of the solitude.
In a weird chain of events,
the 30 coupe returned to how it came.
The original plan was to take it to the Big 3 swap meet next week.
To try to make it easier I listed it on the hamb.
A couple bites but no go.
This is when Tim made me realize how rare and quality the running gear was.
I decided to try ditching the body only.
About 1.5 hours after posting on craigslist, 
it was gone.
Needless to say,
I was a little stunned.
Was it a mistake?
My Sunday chore of cleaning the yard backfired.
However there was a master plan.
For 10 years I've been dragging around this old tin.
An old friend Nick had blown the engine coming back from the roadster show,
and I finagled the project out of him.
The Cradle Robber was always fendered & banger powered.
Now 10 years later,
time to come full circle.
The original frame was torn up.
Legend has it the truck was used on tractor pull races in LA somewhere.
Can you imagine that?
Underneath the chipped layers of red and grey primer,
an ivory white color is peeking out.
It may return to that.
Lucky that my cousin married a strong guy,
as Brandon helped slug the body around the yard.
The next day I scrubbed the body,
and sprayed a quick color coat of primer.
So here's the can of worms.
The intent was to declutter the yard,
and I forgot how much time it takes.
When will the kids be back?
The unrealistic goal is to get it running,
maybe take it to the Big 3 full of spare parts.
More to come...

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