19 February 2014


Some steam had built up the other night,
as more rust was cut from the beat fenders.
As the evening progressed,
it was hard to stop.
I'd implied that as recently as last month,
the disintegrating panels were not an issue.
Badges of honor from surviving that Kentucky forest.

Now i couldn't wait to cut them out.
(I'll fine tune the corners during the final welding)
Stepping back by looking at these pics,
I'm at a deciding point.
The original plan was to radius the wheelwells,
basically re-arcing the line higher to follow the raised tire position,
centering the curve to match the wheel.
The utilitarian reason allows the tire to be removed 
without jacking up the body,
while giving a sports car look.
The bummer is the fender sections are the only decent parts of the car,
no major rust or dents.
Maybe I should just get it running.
Anyway that's what's been floating around my head...


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