04 February 2014

super bowl sunday

Super bowl Sunday.
A day when millions of Americans drop everything to watch their TV.
This is usually the best time to go outside and have fun,
beat the crowds at their own game.
perich super bowl sunday - 2014

If it's a charger game we'll usually listen to part of it on the radio,
then see if it's a close enough game to watch the last quarter.
Fortunately this super bowl took out that desire really early.
stool time

The kids and I ended up getting caught up in our own individual projects.
Besides some yardwork,
this was the perfect time to put that model A carburetor together.
oldies month #2

bobby comstock - just a piece of paper
zenith 2 carburetor - model a ford

I got lucky not needing a carb kit.
The brass pieces cleaned up quick and easy.
The only issue was the gasket.
Fortunately I had saved the perfect scrap of gasket material.
Usually a cereal box, playing card or milk carton comes in handy at this point.
crude but effective - carburetor gasket

Another scrap found its way on the water pump.
If you think this isn't normal,
try finding these gaskets at your car parts store!
holey chit

I'm actually running a homemade oil pan gasket on the RPU's flathead!
One night it was faster to buy a cork gasket roll and a sharp razor!


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