07 February 2014

smile when you eat it

Eating healthy is always a bit of a struggle.
We're fortunate in that we're not fast food or snack junkies.
Still we try to find a way to sneak greens into our diet.
macey - 2014 - spinach french toast

A couple weeks ago my Mom turned me on to this GREENFIX drink.
It's a bunch of leafy greens and fruits blended up into a green drink.
green concoction #1

Me and the wife were immediately hooked.
There's something about it that turns on a switch,
and your body starts to crave it.
Way better than coffee!
green concoction  #1

The problem is it gets a little pricey.
A quart size jug is $8,
and between 2 people that lasts barely a day,
although its probably 10x the green servings needed.
I hesitated at the $30/gallon jugs.
concoction #2

We ended up following in the footsteps of a habit we've picked up.
We'll go to a restaurant for a specific dish,
then end up reverse engineering it for home cooking.
It made going to a restaurant to eat not as fun,
usually a night out isn't for the food its to not do the dishes.
concoction #2

So now we've got our own green drink.
It's as tasty as it looks!


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