03 August 2011

a little inspiration - doug rice '39 coupe

I found a video of "the doug rice coupe" on the hamb...

History So I'm driving along on the highway and saw this: - THE H.A.M.B.

doug rice '39 ford coupe - 50's

I had seen it in pictures many times,
and was surprised to see it at the GNRS this year.
It was one of my favorite cars there.

doug rice '39 coupe - recent

For being in a highly restored condition,
it is good to see the car is actually driven.
Its been to bonneville and many car shows around the country.

(put down the volume!)

(Told ya to put down the volume!)

Nicknamed the "Bonneville Boomer",
the car has an interesting history,
as a purpose built race car that ended up a custom.

Here's some history and my source of pics...

Bonneville Boomer 1939 Ford @ Richardson Custom Auto Body

Doug Rice's 1939 Ford - Kustomrama

at bonneville

You may have figured this out by now,
 this is one of the 5 or so chopped 39/40 fords
 that got me into the tres huevos mess!

time traveler

I had been aware of this coupe only from the Don Montgomery books,
which are black and white.

bonneville  custom

Chopped, channeled and sectioned 39/40 coupes are kinda rare,
so it has really helped to have (pics of) this car around.
There are many modifications I like,
and some that I don't.
If anything, to me it is a lesson on moderation.

ripped pic at bonneville

 to see it moving under its own power on the road was cool,
even if it was a 20 second video!

how can I get more shop time...


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