29 August 2011

back to square one

The Wasp left today,
so I treated myself to a couple hours of shop time.
(I'll post the last Wasp update soon.)

After making some quick cardboard templates,
experimented with the driver side.


Rusty sheetmetal was cut out,
but I didn't want to put sheetmetal back in.
So instead of hammering the plan was to cut and weld thicker steel.


If you ever want to know the trick  to weld 1/8" steel to air,
than come by the shop.
Lotsa tricks up my sleeve.


It worked good enough to do the other side.
Lots more air on this side though.
(I wasn't about to restructure the first bend until the inner piece was in,
too much chance to cave in the whole A pillar)

So with that the second panel was cut out.

cut grind weld

This piece went in quick.
Like it wanted to be attached to the car.

square one - drivers side

The other side should be quick too right?

passenger side 

A little coercion and it finally gave in.

 square one - passenger side

So now it's basically at the point where we were before the rust cutting last week,
but with nice new 1/8" plate not rusty sheet metal.

The inside piece is going to be tough but the dash is going in first.
Well filling in those gaping holes is going to be tough too.


Fortunately there's enough access on the back side.
But not tonight.


Trippy when the nastiest part of the car,
turns into one of the cleanest part of the car.
It's like magic.


(rebuilding door jambs 1940 ford coupe)

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