06 August 2011

whoops - sheetmetal fun

Well this post was floating around in the editing page unposted,
and it kinda segues into the post I'm writing now...


The firewall.
Where to start.
The big cadillac flathead engine is really set back,
so the firewall is bit of a challenge.

el gapo

Where to start.
First figured a bottom hoop to get an base to connect to would be smart.



Than my Uncle Steve had scrapped some storage lockers from his work.
Just what I needed to not have to overthink cutting up virgin sheetmetal.

20 gauge scrap

Without a bead roller,
I just hammer a rough indentation on this anvil stand,
or a piece of wood.


The first ones are a little rough,
by the end of the project I should be pretty good.

gap filler

The time consuming part is there is no subrail,
so first a base has to be made between the bolt-on plates.
Fortunately its symmetrical so both sides can be made the same time.

crude but effective

These two pieces really stiffened up the body.
The firewall was still a little overwhelming,
so the next night I jumped to the back.

This is how it starts...

bare frame

There are the two base plates...


Than the the subrail is formed out of some square tubing.
Maybe its unnecessary with the sheetmetal,
but it's worth it if the body is ever removed from the frame.

bumpy panel

The bummer about using donor sheetmetal is either rust or paint.
I wirewheeled just enough to get the welded part clean,
but not enough to stop the rest from burning off.
Good thing we've got shop fan's and a respirator!

It's hard to see but theres a little bump in the panel.
Maybe this one you can see it better.

not as bumpy panel

I realized it wasn't a good idea to do these panels while I was doing them.
The big 7.50x16 tires could not be removed without dropping the rearend down,
as in unbolting the spring.
Even if the tires are smaller it will be tough to change on the side of the road.
This means the wheel arch on the fender will need to be a bit larger,
which is much easier to do without these gaps filled.

There's always something!


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