29 August 2011

fun with pipe

Let's have some more fun with pipe.

bent pipe

This was one of my brothers jobs.
He's the opposite of me,
as he'll spend the money on proper materials and outside labor,
like bending this 5" pipe.


This was one of those,
"can you just cut it out really quick before you go home?" jobs.

The next morning we checked out the lucky recipient, a tugboat.

rubber rainbow

Yeah, looks like fun, huh?

I told you when Pikachu works,
I'll do the fitting,
and he'll do the welding,
than I'll assist him, grind between passes, rub his back, just kidding.

best seat in the house

At the beginning of the job,
it was kinda sketchy sitting up on the bow,
high above the water while working.
Than as the hours passed by it was like sitting on a chair.

Same with fitting that piece,
there was no cutting on the boat,
so I had to walk back and forth to the pier carrying that thing,
at least 5 times.
The first time all I could think was to not drop it in the water.

Didn't seem like it but there was a chitload of welding to do.
It carried on til dusk.

sunset welding

My brother came by to help out too.

el jefe

By the time we finished it was too dark to take decent pictures.

metal rainbow

Weird how many uses there are for pipe.

double metal rainbow

Anyway some jobs like these are fun.
They are so random and it will be there for years.
Also makes working on cars or bikes so much easier,
or lighter duty anyway.

Long Hot Summer Night


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