06 August 2011


Last night found a little motivation to work on the old coupe.

pure americana

It's serious if I start drinking Bud cans.
I was so motivated that I didn't take too many progress shots.

Basically it was hammering out 8 sheetmetal pieces on this custom contraption.

beater block

Funny how a scrap wood block can be firewood or an indispensable for now tool.


I have a knack for making some ugly ass firewalls!


It would have been easier to make a flat panel,
but this gives plenty of room to work on the engine side,
without taking up pedal space.

smokestack or mailbox?

Definitely looks like a smokestack,
or an old moonshine still.


Perfect time for a 15 minute Smokestack Lightning...


Now what?

Well this allows me to finally pull the engine and tranny,
finish weld all the seams,
and trim the front side which is really rough.

no gap

Remember those headers will cover most of this!

Now to make some floor space in the shop...


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