24 August 2011

uh oh - door jamb time

The best way for me to see a project through is to get a little obsessed by it.
I'll go to sleep visualizing a certain aspect of the project,
trying to figure out the game plan.
You know the story...

However, without some (personal) shop time it's like a skipping record.
Sometimes I can overthink simple things a little too much,
so progress is important.

nasty door jamb

It is sick to say that this has been my recent sleep remedy.
No counting sheep or thinking about big tittied girls,
I'll go to sleep thinking about cutting rusty sheetmetal.

Holy Chit.

The door jambs on the coupe are basically nonexistent,
a shell of rust.
The doors aren't any better.

missing door frame

That's probably why I've been thinking about it so much.
This is gonna be one of the most time consuming projects left.

Last night after working on a more responsible project,
I was already a little dirty so I figured what the heck.
Let's start cutting.


Why had I considered saving this rusty door jamb?
The other side was equally as bad.
(That inner piece was a newer support welded in)

Put down the grinder.


I said,


Hard to see but this hacked up nastiness looks worse up close.

Next thing I know it's all gone.


Holy Chit.

holy chit

I couldn't stop.
Was this part of the dream sequence I had been planning?


There was no stress tweaking,
so figured it was safe to do the other side. 

work cut out for me

I couldn't see this rusty crap adding any structural integrity to the body,
so while it may have added a bit more work,
there was no way to integrate this chit into the new door jamb.


maybe it was in the plan I just didn't realize it.
If you look real closely on the outer vertical edges of the window in this before pic,
the original door jamb is wider than the actual windshield frame.
The tricky part is it matches the width of the door,
well one of the doors as its missing on the other.
So after this part is rebuilt,
the doors must be fixed to match.


Here you can see a much cleaner profile of the window.

I think I will build a motorcycle next.


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