08 May 2011

Padre Beerfest

Remember my friend Rob from the football game last year?

perichbrothers (and sister): football - 21st century gladiators?

(imagine photo I didn't take of me and Rob)

He's hooked on season tickets,
so this past friday was fortunate enough to go to a San Diego Padre game at Petco Park.

life is good

Every year his seats get better and better.
These were about 15th row behind home base.

4-3 padres

This was a good game to go to.
There is a "Beerfest" every year,
so 30 breweries come out and sell $5 beers.

san diego padre beerfest

When a 24 oz bud light costs $10, a $5 microbrew is a good deal!

There is this cool grass field,
like a mini "green monster".
Tickets here are $5-8,  a cheap night out.

mini green monster

The trolley station is a couple blocks from the shop,
so I took the trolley downtown to meet up with Rob.
Fortunately I toned down my drinking this evening,
but still ended up missing the last trolley north.
I thought I could walk it,
but 4 or 5 trolley stops is alot longer on foot!

So after a $10-3 mile somalian taxi ride,
I ended up at the shop,
and fell asleep on my brothers office chair til 5am.
til it was safe to drive home.

Good times,
and no hangover!

Thanks Rob!
(and my wife for undoing the leash)


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