05 December 2010

football - 21st century gladiators?

So this past Halloween an old buddy had asked if I wanted to go to the Charger game against the Titans.
Rob is one of my oldest and best friends and we've had some crazy escapades,
usually involving a road trip and serious delirium,
somehow emerging unscathed,
kinda like the car or plane that somehow pulls through the massive explosion.
How could I say no!

Since Rob had season tickets,
all I had to do was get the bloody mary's ready before the trolley ride out there.
Instead of  going to a bar, we met at the shop which is right by the trolley station in old town.
Fortunately there is a liquor store right around the corner.
Unbelievably we polished off a 750ml bottle of some cheap Polish vodka in less than an hour.

John, me, Rob

Another old friend was tailgating in the lot.
I've known John since 3rd grade!
The three of us have done some really stupid shit, all good times though.
A couple beers later we were ready.


The seats were great.
It was hard to focus though in the beginning,
not concentrate, vision.
When drinking I get a little one-eyed especially with long distances.

first win

The Chargers won this game.
It was a fun game to watch,
close enough to want to pay attention.
Did you know you can't buy beers in the 4th  quarter?
Fortunately we had some beers stashed in the lot for after the game.

Where's my glasses?!

On the trolley ride we made a little ruckus.
Rob had to aggravate the biggest dude on the train.
After some tequila and more beer in old town,
we both got the calls to get home.
Wife and kids - Halloween, holy chit!

Good times,
and a great way to catch up.
Thanks Rob!

Oh shit, the Raiders today.

Go chargers!


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