16 May 2011

Hot Wheels vs Matchbox - 22's

Imagine my surprise when I walked in the shop and saw these things.

(imagine a picture of the most awesome rimz ever)

It was sheer luck that they didn't fit the corvette hubs,
and were actually similar to an early FORD bolt pattern.
Luke's T-bucket

So let's take these lame skinny 18's from 1932 off Luke's T-bucket that he's ignoring.
Luke's T with boring 18's

and let's put on some real rimzz.
Luke's T with 22's

Looks like a Hot Wheels!
I think we'd call it
1923 Ford T-bucket - the Destroyer

Luke's Donk T

I couldn't see these going to waste outside,
 since Luke's not around anymore.
So loaded them up in the workhorse 40.
jealous workhorse

I would have loved to see the rimz on either of the 40's,
but the dang fenders were too tight.
Oh well.
I have another grateful donor,
that happened to be on jackstands waiting for this very moment!
chief with old tired 16's

Take off those old chunky rubber tires.
Seriously they look like those early Lesney Matchbox cars with the little black wheels.
Let's bring it into the Hot Wheels era.
chief with 22's!

Oohh Ssnnaappp!
I think we're ready for Santa Maria and the fathers day roadster show now!
1929 ford roadster pickup
hot wheels style

These rimz are at home.
Now I have to figure a way to pay for these babies.

Good thing my wife's tubes are tied,
we would've had a 4th kid with these rims!
Livin by the sword...

heck yeah!
 so fine

Flathead and 22's.
Hook me up ole skool rodz!


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