03 May 2011

how to - fix an electric clothes dryer

Our Kenmore clothes dryer crapped out over the weekend.
I started searching craisglist to replace it,
but supposedly the electric models aren't too difficult to fix.

When the dryer spins and air flows thru with no heat,
its typically the heating element or thermostats.

generic dryer heating element

I was going to order one online,
and saw that these things suck 5400 watts!

That's like 54 100W light bulbs on at the same time.
Or 158 34W light bulbs on at the same time.
Holy chit!
I didn't realize these things sucked up so much juice.
This is just the power for the heating element,
the blower/basket rotator motor uses some electricity too.
I've been wanting to do this for years...

clothesline first load
2 hours dry!

Sure I'd like to say we're environmentalists.
We do think about that stuff,
but really it's more about $$.
Our gas/electric bill in San Diego is crazy expensive - $70-100 per month.
We use over 200 kwh per month.
Having 100 lightbulbs on for 30 or 40 minutes no doubt racks up the meter!
It will be interesting to see the change.

It's great as it justifies me having my hi-powered stereo stuff on full blast more often.
That Kenwood receiver uses a fraction, probably 300 watts on loud.

clothesline 2nd load
2 hours dry!

San Diego has a good climate for clotheslines,
since its more hot and dry down here than not.
It took less than 2 hours to dry my work clothes.

My grandmother (nana) donated the retractable clothes line to our cause.

bitchin retractable clothesline

She's 94 or so,
has lived in the same house for over 55 years,
and has only had a dryer for, maybe 5 years.
5 years.
50 years she used only a clothesline to dry clothes!
This particular one was hung up in this porch area,
and was only used when it was raining.

Clotheslines were normal at one time.
What happened!?

So not to drag the rental or housing prices down...

inside boxer clothesline

...my wife found a good use for the bikes in the house.

Try it,
you might like it!


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